5 Reasons Online Music Lessons Are Beneficial

Has COVID-19 canceled your in-person music classes? Don’t put your music on hold!

Online music lessons are becoming more popular and allow you to practice your music theory and continue to grow from home. Today’s technology makes it easy to learn music from the comfort of your home.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider looking to take online music lessons and keep practicing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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1. Take Each Lesson Without Leaving the House

Why take music lessons online?

One of the benefits of learning music online is that you can access lessons from your home. With many states issuing shelter-in-place orders or advising people to stay inside their homes, taking music lessons at home is a great way to keep your child or family safe during the pandemic without spending ages trying to search for a studio that will teach you on-site.

With online music lessons, you don’t have to travel to your music teacher. Simply open up your computer and access your lessons in your living room or anywhere!

Both beginner and advanced musicians can benefit from what online lessons can do for their skills. They are also fun and professional with the correct teacher.

You will need a strong internet connection to make sure you can receive the live videos for your lessons. If your internet is a bit slow try plugging your ethernet cord directly into your laptop. This will boost your internet speed.

Next, find a quiet space in your home where you will not be interrupted during your lesson. You don’t want to be distracted by the phone ringing, family, or pets while you are learning your musical video lessons.

If you are taking your music lessons using an app like Zoom, Skype, or Facetime be sure to get familiar with the platform first. You will need to know the basics of how to receive calls and adjust the video and sound first.

2. Be More Selective When Choosing a Teacher or Program

Finding a teacher that’s right for me

A student can be more selective when choosing a music teacher to work with online as there is more availability of teachers as they do not have to live closer to your house.

When looking for a teacher, find out if they specialize in a specific type of music such as classical or rock. Also ask which instrument or instruments they play including piano, violin, guitar, drums, or even voice/singing. Ask if they have classes for kids or adults learning music.

No matter if you are a beginner or closing in on being a musical master, finding a teacher that is a good match and teaching the correct music theory you are after is great and important. Learning music online has a lot to offer including advanced programs that might not be available in your city.

Take your time and do some research on the company and teachers before you make your final decision. All online lessons are private and suitable for children of all ages. Choose a teacher that best matches your learning style and will be supportive of your music playing.

3. Save Time

How can online music lessons save time?

Online music lessons can help you save time. If you have a full schedule but still want to make time for you or your children to learn music, online music lessons will help.

Schedule live online lessons that are convenient for you and your teacher. Online classes provide greater flexibility and availability if you are juggling a lot of commitments. With online music lessons, there is no need to commute so you will save a lot of time that you spend driving or sitting in traffic on the way to and back from your studio.

People are currently undergoing a week-to-week life as lockdowns and stay-at-home orders are out of our control so taking weekly lessons online could provide easy access to some order in your life during some of the craziest times in the world.

There are lessons available on the YouTube platform if you search but they don’t come with the personalized musical attention and feedback that you get from a teacher. If you want to make the most of your time investment find great teachers of online music lessons who can motivate and teach you to learn to reach your goals.

Whether the teacher is teaching guitar, violin, piano, or any other instrument, the best music teachers will check and ensure they are showing the correct videos and making it fun.

Music Lessons Academy will even give the student a half-price trial lesson before the student commits to check and see if the student likes the teacher and their style of teaching. After the trial lesson, if you see that you are getting your money’s worth, you can sign up for more classes.

4. Online Lessons are Effective

Will I fall behind by learning online?

Many students successfully learn to master music online. Not only is it becoming increasingly popular as the world begins to live online, but it is also an effective way to learn. Personal online lessons allow the student to learn more than they would in a traditional group lesson class as the teacher can prioritize you and always check what the student is doing.

The best online music lessons provide convenience, resources, and guidance to students. They provide a fun space where students can learn at their own pace without having any distractions they would in a normal classroom environment.

For some students learning music online takes away a lot of the stress of performing in front of people. If you have a difficult time singing or playing your instrument in front of other students a private online music lesson can help reduce some of the stress associated with performance anxiety which can be great for musicians trying to overcome that fear.

Many students who take online lessons receive the same or higher marks than they would in a traditional group classroom setting and even the beginner musicians are learning at the same rate that they would, playing in a studio setting. Give online learning a try!

5. Easily Record Your Online Music Lessons

How can I keep a track of my videos?

Many students who take music lessons choose to record their lessons. This can make practicing later on easier if you can hear exactly what your music teacher said during class and provides the ability to check on your skill or what needs extra practice.

Always check and ask to find if your teacher is okay with you recording the lessons first. If they agree applications like Zoom offer an easy and professional way to make it record your lessons.
The student can play the lessons back later on in the week to hear the teacher’s feedback or remember the practicing assignments. Listening to your lessons again can help you to grow your skills and learn more before your next lesson.

Revisit and check different warm-ups or exercises that your teacher did with you during the lesson and apply them to your practice sessions. With a recorded lesson you can watch your teacher’s hands and practice their movement exactly until you get it right.

Continue Your Music Education Today

Times are tough during the pandemic but there is no reason to put you or your children in a position where you have to put your music education on hold. Sign up for online music lessons today.

What’s next?

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