Piano Lessons – 9 Reasons to Act Now And Start Learning To Play The Piano

1. Be sure to start learning the proper piano techniques from the start

You may not be surprised to discover that 90% of new piano students don’t make it past their first four months of piano lessons. In most cases this is simply because the students are not receiving the right kind of education: it is not enough to simply show students the proper techniques and ask them to practice over and over again.

Good teachers must also be able to provide motivation, music that their students find engaging, and know how to pace things so that students don’t become overwhelmed (especially with kids).

At our Australian music academy we always provide you with the best instructors/teacher possible to suit your age, music interests, and long term goals, and who will not only show you the proper techniques from day one but also keep you intrigued and motivated as you progress with your piano education.

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We are a network of young & enthusiastic University Students providing the very best in private 1 on 1 music lessons in your home – in your local area.

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If you are looking for an eager, professional & reliable local music teacher to come to your home – one of us will be available, & will be able to provide you a very affordable lesson rate.

2. Personalised piano lessons that you simply cannot get from a book or a video

Most people agree that when it comes to music education in general, about 80% of it is about psychology, whereas only 20% is about the actual piano skills. Regardless of what musical style you are going to be learning, one on one piano tutoring is going to provide you with weekly motivation in a way that self-learning through books or online lessons (and let’s not even mention practising with an online piano keyboard) cannot.

3. Our music centre is dedicated to you, the student

All of us are very enthusiastic about music education, and you will find our classes both beneficial and enjoyable every single week.

Our academy is meant specifically for adult learners, so you won’t need to worry about kids running amok or causing any other kind of scene. The environment for you lessons is always all about you.

4. Be confident about piano learning even if you are a complete beginner

Many piano schools in Australia or private teachers will only act on requests from new students who have already been playing for at least three years. This can make it difficult for adult beginners to find the kind of music education that they need, and many adults end up opting for group piano lessons or online learning options.

However, beginners especially need to get a higher level of motivation and support that is generally not available through online or self-study piano lessons. Accordingly, at our academy we always welcome adult beginners to our music classes and only hire teachers who are experienced at teaching beginners classes.

5. Get out and meet other students at our recitals

We regularly host free music recitals where students get to show off the results of their piano lessons in a friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere. There is also no need to perform if you feel that you aren’t ready for it, so these performances are entirely optional, and you are always welcome to join simply as a listener.

6. Get access to a ‘PIANO CONCIERGE’ who tracks your progress each week

If you have very specific goals in mind, you can always sign up for a “bespoke” plan which will help you to follow your progress and keep on track. Let’s say you come for classes once per week, then your concierge will also be there to check up on your progress every week and think about where you get at your next piano lessons.

This kind of meticulous planning can really take the stress out of your piano lessons because you will be able to see very clearly each week where you have gotten and also look ahead to where you are going to be after so many weeks.

7. Find your new hidden talent and lose the idea that only certain people have a talent for music

Even if you have never thought of yourself as having a talent for music, you can discover very quickly with the right kind of piano lessons that everyone has a hidden talent for music which they are able to act on! You can forget about things people say like “piano lessons are only for young people” or “you are too old to learn to play music”.

At our music academy, no matter how old or inherently lacking in talent for music you thought you were, you will see positive results in your music lessons even after only a few weeks. Although the results will vary from student to student, and it isn’t the case the every single student will see the most marvelous results right away, nevertheless any student can see enough positive results after a few weeks to feel like they do have a hidden talent for music after all.

8. Get a skill that will last you a lifetime (not to mention boosting your intelligence)

There are not many things that are as satisfying as having developed a creative ability that will stay with you for life. By consistently sticking to your piano lessons over time, you will find that eventually you will be able to enjoy the gift of music throughout the rest of your life. Moreover, if you remain serious about your music all throughout your life, you will find that there is no limit to your education in music, and there will always be newer and more ambitious works to play.

Accordingly, putting time into your music lessons is something like investing in your future self. Moreover, recent studies have shown that playing the piano can also increase your overall intelligence! Studying music will also help you to learn a new language because music education forces your brain to make changes to help you be better disciplined and more attentive.

9. Find a wide range of programs (from classical to rock) to choose from

We understand that different learners will have different needs, and also that some students will be on a different budget than others. New students, for instance, who have not yet seen any encouraging results, may not want to invest in a lengthy program just yet, and accordingly might prefer to pay their tuition per hour or per class. In other cases, however, new students may be comfortable paying their tuition per month, per term, or even per year.

With any music lesson from any music school, it is all about finding the right combination of time and tuition to get the right results!

Our music lessons are all very highly personalised for you and your own tastes and budget. Lessons are generally held on a weekly basis. For an overview of our programs, please check out our piano programs and fees page.

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If you are looking for an eager, professional & reliable music teachers to come to your home – we are available, & will be able to provide you a very reasonable music tutoring rate.




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